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Hefty light fixtures are progressively running out of style and recessed lighting, also known as can lighting, is preferred in many households nowadays.


Unless someone has a fancy lamp that they would rather use for a light source, recessed lighting is the new, simple yet sophisticated way to add some brightness into your home.


Recessed lighting still provides the same brightness that other light fixtures do, but recessed lighting looks “hidden” or ingrained into the wall that it is installed in, as opposed to the fixture bulging outside of the wall.


O’Brien Electric is always on top of the new trends and we’re ready to install recessed lighting for all of the Central Valley, CA, areas including Hanford, Fresno, Visalia, Tulare, and Selma, CA. 



Recessed lighting works in any room around your home. 


To top it off, O’Brien Electric offers recessed lighting LED, so that you can obtain the most luminous lighting in every part of your home.  


Recessed lighting seems to be the most popular in family rooms, although O’Brien Electric can install:


·      Recessed lighting in kitchens

·      Recessed lighting in bathrooms

·      Recessed lighting in living rooms

·      Recessed lighting in bedrooms

·      Recessed lighting in showers

·      Recessed lighting outdoors

·      Recessed lighting ANYWHERE


Whether your Central Valley, CA, home prefers your recessed lighting installation indoors or outdoors, O’Brien Electric has you covered.



A functional light that adds to your home’s ambiance, recessed lighting fixtures are getting progressively popular in contemporary interior design trends.


O’Brien Electric can install recessed lighting and recessed lighting LED in your Central Valley home in just a short amount of time. The duration of the recessed lighting installation is not more than a few hours, so decide where you want your recessed lighting fixtures and give us a call.


Before you contact us, you might want to know how we approach our recessed lighting installations. 


Let’s walk through the full recessed lighting installation process:


Mark the Light Placement


O’Brien Electric can do recessed lighting installations in any room of your choice, even if that room didn’t have any lighting fixtures in it before.


First, we mark the area where we want to install the recessed lighting before drilling or cutting any holes in the wall. 


We have to make sure that the hole measurements are accurately calculated and that they don’t overlap a joist. 


Cut a Hole in Ceiling


Next, we carefully drill a hole in your ceiling with a power tool. 




If O’Brien Electric is replacing an old light fixture with a new recessed lighting fixture, we have to disconnect the old wires before installing the new ones.


We will run a cable from the power source, to a switch box, and finally to the ceiling hole, with about 18-inches of extra cabling to make the wiring easier.


Wire the Light


We will open the light’s junction box, run cable into the box and clamp it.


Next, we will use a wire stripper to strip a few inches of the cable’s insulation to reveal the interior wires. 


After that, we will use the wire stripper to remove about ½-inch of insulation from each wire.


We connect the like-colored wires, fold them into the box and replace the cover.


Mount the Recessed Lighting


Most recessed lighting fixtures have four flips that clamp the can (outer area of the light fixture) to the ceiling by pushing down on top of the drywall.


We pull the clips in so that they can’t protrude outside of the can and slip the can’s box into the ceiling hole. Then, we push the can body up into the hole until its rim is tight to the ceiling. The clips will push up and outward until they click and clamp to the light fixture.


Add the Trim


Whether your recessed lighting is mounted with coil springs or squeezable rod springs, we will add the trim accordingly.


If it is coil springs, we will hook each spring to its assigned hole in the recessed lighting can. 


If it is rod springs, we will squeeze and insert both ends of each spring into the recessed lighting can holes.


Afterwards, we push the trim up into position, and the recessed lighting fixture is installed.


Install Light Bulbs


Last but not least, we have to install light bulbs in your recessed lighting fixture.


We will use the bulbs of your choice, although we always recommend getting more for your buck with O’Brien Electric’s recessed lighting LED bulbs.


The top contractor in the Central Valley, CA, area, O’Brien Electric awaits the communities of Hanford, Fresno, Visalia, Tulare, and Selma, CA, to add recessed lighting in your Californian abode today! 

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