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Are you satisfied with how your electrical service is performing?


If not, O’Brien Electrical has you covered. 


O’Brien Electrical encourages all of Central Valley, CA, including surrounding cities of Hanford, Fresno, Visalia, Tulare, and Selma, to give us a call if you need ANY electrical services done to your home. 


Our licensed electricians can inspect your service to make sure that it is running adequately, upgrade your electrical service if it is outdated, or add any additional circuits to your home to support any remodeling needs.

·      Lighting Installations and Fixtures

·      Electrical Outlets

·      Electrical Circuits 

·      Electrical Rewiring

·      Electrical Panel Upgrades

·      Electrical Panel Replacements

·      Motion Sensors

·      Pond Wiring / Pool Wiring / Dock Wiring

·      CO2 Detectors 

·      Landscape Lighting

O’Brien Electrical thrives in exceeding our clients’ needs. Our skilled electricians are trained to satisfy you from initial contact to the final, finished product. The client relationships that we build are important to us and not only do we aspire to impress you with our prestigious electrical work, but with our courtesy and professionalism.


Our client relationships begin on the first day of contact and never truly end until our customer is fully satisfied with the electrical job done by us.


At O’Brien Electrical, we believe that the most rewarding feeling is the satisfaction that we acquire from helping our clients stress less about the electrical work needed done to their home so they can ultimately live safer and more comfortable lives.



Your home may be older than you think, and electric panel upgrades are required every twenty-five to forty years, based on the size and model of your home.


Electrical size is often misunderstood. Individuals think that a 200-amp electrical service delivers better electricity than 100-amp, and that is not necessarily the case. The reason is because the service size (60-amp vs. 100-amp vs. 200-amp etc.) indicates nothing more than the maximum current that you can draw through your electrical system at one time. The more high-power electrical appliances and fixtures that you have around your home, the larger service size that you will need. If you find that your electrical needs are increasing, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel with O’Brien Electrical to keep up with those demands.


Keep your eye out for these key signs as they will tell you if your existing electrical system is becoming outdated:


Faulty Wiring


Safety is paramount when it comes to electrical wiring installations around the home, as it is the leading cause of house fires throughout the nation.


The older that your home’s electrical wiring is, the faultier it is going to be. 


Signs of inadequate wiring:


·      Flickering lights/appliances

·      Electric shocks when touching appliances

·      Burning smell

·      Scorch marks around power outlets

·      High temperature/warm electrical panel


If you’re unable to identify whether or not your electrical wiring is adequate, O’Brien Electrical is happy to come to your Central Valley home to decipher that for you and get your home up-to-speed with our electrical panel upgrades.


If you’re experiencing any signs of faulty wiring around your home, O’Brien Electrical will upgrade your electrical panel to ensure that your home is comfortable and safe to live in.

New Appliance Installations


Folks may upgrade their electrical panel because their current panel doesn’t have the capacity to power the modern appliances that they have throughout their home. 


Installing a new air conditioning system or hot tub under your outdated electrical panel will cause your circuit breakers to trip and inadequately run your new appliances. In the end, your hot tub won’t stay warm for long, and your AC won’t heat/cool your home as it is intended to.


Let O’Brien Electric provide you with an electrical panel upgrade cost. Upgrade electrical panel to 200 amps so that you can enjoy all your new electronics to their full extent. Hire an electrician that will do the job right.


Use of Power Strips


Many electrical panels that are installed in homes nowadays aren’t designed for constant modern electrical usage such as phone charging, laptop usage, television activity etc. The electronics that we had twenty years ago never required various electrical outlets throughout the home as they do today.


If you find yourself using extension cords and power strips around your home, then it’s a sign that you’re using more electricity throughout your home than it was primarily designed for and it is time to upgrade your electrical panel with O’Brien Electrical.

Replace Electrical Panel with O’Brien Electric | Hanford California

The licensed electricians at O’Brien Electrical know the electrical panel upgrade code requirements and offer premium electrical panel upgrades to the residents in surrounding Central Valley, CA, cities such as Hanford, Fresno, Visalia, Tulare, and Selma. Call 559-362-9806 for a cost to upgrade.

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